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After almost a decade creating, operating and, since 2018, owning the MyBudgetCoach (MyBC) online financial coaching service, I have decided to wind down operations of the platform.

When we created MyBC, our intent was simply to develop an experimental service to prove the efficacy of remote financial coaching for low-income clients. However, early on I recognized that there was not just a need but also a market for this type of service in the asset building community. I began selling licenses and since 2015 nearly 200 organizations in the US and South Africa have used MyBC to help low-income folks in their communities measurably improve their financial health!

I will forever be immensely proud of the impact MyBC has had on the financial health of so many low-income families and individuals. My heartfelt thanks to the thousands of clients, coaches, and administrators that used the service along with those that worked so hard to build and maintain MyBudgetCoach. With your help, we proved that a social enterprise focused on improving the financial health of low-income people CAN generate substantial social impact AND earned revenue!

MyBC will still be up and running for a handful of current licensees through the latter part of 2020 so that they have time to finish up projects and transition to replacement services that meet the needs of clients, coaches and organizations.

As I wind down MyBC and search for an amazing new opportunity in the financial health world (contact me if you have some thoughts on opportunities), I have had the great pleasure of immersing myself in all things related to financial health as a social determinant of health, also known as the health-wealth connection.

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