MyBudgetCoach Introduces Increased Flexibility

About Financial Health announces the release of the newest version of the MyBudgetCoach online service. This update, one of the most significant upgrades of the service to date, brings increased flexibility to the platform’s content delivery system. The addition of the new “Flexible Sessions Mode” feature allows financial coaches using MyBudgetCoach to deliver content that meets the immediate needs of their clients while still addressing longer-term skills and knowledge building that improves financial capability.

By significantly improving the overall user experience or clients and coaches, it is expected that this upgrade will result in increased client engagement over a longer period of time. As research has shown, extending the weeks or months a client works with a coach greatly improves that client’s chances for better outcomes.

About the MyBudgetCoach Online Service

The MyBudgetCoach online financial coaching service combines a flexible content delivery system that introduces and reinforces foundational financial concepts with a suite of intuitive personal financial management tools. The service has been proven to improve the financial health of low- and moderate-income families and individuals working with a coach remotely or in-person. More information can be found at

Through the service’s successful licensing program, many organizations across the United States and South Africa use the MyBudgetCoach platform to enhance their financial coaching program outcomes.

For more information about MyBudgetCoach, please contact Peter Rubenstein at 215-234-3951 or

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