Financial Health Program Development & Implementation

With a decade of experience in the financial health world, AFH can help your organization develop or refine financial health programs, products and/or services aimed at significantly improving the financial health of low- and moderate-income families and individuals.


We also help organizations outside the financial health field, such as healthcare organizations, develop partnerships with appropriate financial health service providers or integrate financial health programs directly into the services your in-house staff offers.


Social Impact Measurement & Marketing

Developing a disruptive product or service that meets existing needs and creates meaningful social impact is really hard to do! Many social entrepreneurs and enterprises have amazing products and services but need outside assistance to develop and implement ways to most easily measure and communicate the social impact of their awesome creations.

Sales Strategy & Training

AFH Consulting, led by Peter Rubenstein, is passionate about helping social entrepreneurs and enterprises maximize revenue and social impact. To do this work, Peter draws upon years of hands-on experience launching and growing a successful social enterprise along with decades of sales strategy development and implementation success.

AFH Consulting works with organizations (nonprofit, for-profit and B-corps) seeking to develop and implement successful market-based strategies that rely on modern best practices, intensive research, deep experience and common sense. Let's work together!

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