The Challenge

Ten years have passed since a crash in housing values precipitated a steep recession. While many middle- and upper-income households have seen their financial situation rebound or exceed pre-recession levels, many families still live far too close to the financial edge.


According to a CareerBuilder survey released in 2017, almost 8 of 10 American workers responded that they live paycheck to paycheck. More than 7 in 10 said that they are now in debt. Of those, 56 percent told CareerBuilder that they were “in over their heads” with regard to debt.


When comparing 2017 data with the survey results from the previous two years, it is clear that the financial stability of many hard-working American households continues to erode, even at a time when overall economic conditions are improving.


Our core belief is that low- and moderate-income families and individuals can substantially and affordably improve their financial health through the use of common-sense technology supported by high-quality human interactions.

Note from the CEO

In 2011 I accepted the challenge of leading a team of highly skilled and experienced financial education practitioners to create the first version of the MyBudgetCoach (MyBC) online financial coaching service. The road MyBC and I have traveled since 2011 has been one of the most fascinating, absorbing, frustrating and rewarding journeys of my life.


Along the way, I've gotten to know many financial coaches, counselors, program managers and financial services professionals. These dedicated individuals help low- and moderate-income families understand and overcome the challenges in their financial lives. About Financial Health will continue to deliver online services that incorporate established and emergent best practices from the front lines. These services offer practitioners and clients the best online tools and content that will successfully support their collective efforts to measurably improve their financial health.


I look forward to learning from you as this journey continues!


Peter Rubenstein, CEO

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